Tuesday, June 22, 2010





songs these days have the weirdest beats.some too fast or some tooo slow.or some just repeats the same sentence like a lagging machine.i wonder why.whatever happened to good old music. :P haha.but i have to say some are quite good.ANYWAY! you know how some words have the same pronounciation as others? like the song "imma be" by the BEP.they repeat the same sentence 5 times! "imma be imma be imma imma imma be. etc."and its kinda fast.so at one point before i listened to it carefully i thought the lyrics was "imma pee imma pee imma imma imma pee" yeah.stupid.i know.and it has happened for sooooo many other songs. retarded.:[ so today.a similar situation happened.

scene :bio lab.

fatema :eh.you know that song.she moves her body like a SILICON?

rach & jen : HUH???

rach :isnt it "move her body like a CYCLONE "

jen :yeah

fatema :oooh.haha.i thought it was silicon

jen :yeah.you anything also can change into something completely different.crucible becomes cruble.

sofea :haha.wait till bernie hears about it.its her favourite song.shes gonna laugh like crazy man.

(and thats exactly what happened.and the result of that is ....well.nevermind.thats not necessary information.nyeehe.:P)

*scene ended.
see the way words can change from the proper meaning to something completely different? i'm sure everyone has experienced it every now and then .right? ;)


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