Monday, June 21, 2010


tag! you're it!!!~


remember those primary days,when you used to scream when the bell rang signifying recess was over? OR the times when you have a fight with your friend and you go,"i dont want to friend you" and another person says,"dont friend la!i dont need you." but no matter how much you fight, at the end of the day,you make up and all is forgiven? you remember right?:) almost everyone has those days.and then 10 years later,you're all grown up and you think back."wow,was i really like that?" we look at the kids who do that and we think,"sigh,so childish". well,we shouldnt forget we were one and the same. :P but through all that drama,there were happy moments too! during the 20 minute break, you and your friends decide to play a few rounds of hopscotch.:D throw the stone and hop awayyyy!!! haha.get bored with hopscotch? how about a game of tag? listening to the screams of "TAG! YOU'RE IT!!!".
i was once like that.i dont regret it at all.playing those games and so much more!!! it was fun while it lasted.!!! :D thinking about it just makes me smile. :D i'll never forget it.i was fortunate enough to have the chance to go through all that.:D


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