Friday, June 18, 2010

great dj.~


the funny one.=

-creates the lamest jokes(but somehow ends up funny)

-has the craziest bunch of friends

-cool and casual sense of style

-has the caring side


-wisened one(sometimes)

the sarcastic one.=

-impossibly sarcastic

-has the craziest bunch of friends

-can sometimes be kind

-funny without meaning to be

-loves british bands

-awesome sense of style(sometimes)

the news.=

-squels at times.:P

-great listener

-cool voice.:P

-kind(at times)

-caring(at times)


the kid like one.=

-acts like a kid :P

-has the caziest bunch of friends


-sometimes considerate(i think)hmmm.

-big eyed


the brother like one.=

-karate kid

-has the craziest bunch of friends



-calm(at times)


the all smiles one.=

-loves calling people "boss"

-easy to be friends with

-cool hair





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